Cherrydale Fundraiser Orders Due 11/3/2017

Monday, 10/23/2017 we had the kick off assembly for the

cherrydale logo
fundraiser! The students were SO EXCITED!!!
We appreciate [ARE!] the busy parent / guardian, and the student selling to learn and benefit the school. The sale items should be viewed as a donation to the school,
not as ‘sale’ or ‘value’ items. Using the money raised, the Home & School Association buys things like the new projection screen, copy paper for the entire staff, gym and
other supplies, funds Dobson Day and much more!!

Please consider supporting your student in selling at least 10 items so he or she may participate in the Partaay AND decorate Dr. Cruice like an ice cream sundae again!!

Sale booklets will come home Wednesday, 10/25/2017 and orders should be returned in sealed envelopes directed to the Home & School lock box by Friday, November 3, 2017.

For more information, how to sell online and have your student create his or her own personal, private “sales” video, which will only be shared with people you choose, click here:


2017-6-14 Still of Dr. Cruice Sundae