The Leader In Me

leaders1-1James Dobson School is proud to say that we have begun our journey through the Leader In Me!

This process will introduce and foster personal leadership skills in each of us (Faculty, Staff, Students and Parents) bringing out each of our unique genius and talents.

The Leader In Me provides students with activities, experiences and language that will helpIf-your-actions-inspire-others__quotes-by-John-Quincy-Adams-45 them learn practical character and life skills that will lead to those positive choices.  We are sure that you will be hearing your students use the language of these habits at home, so we wanted to be sure that you were aware of what each habit is and how we will be referring to them while at school.

  1. Be Proactive-  You Are In Charge of You
  2. Begin With The End In Mind-  Have A Plan
  3. Put First Things First-  Work First, Then Play
  4. Think Win-Win- Everyone Can Win
  5. Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood-  Listen Before You Talk
  6. Synergize-  Together Is Better
  7. Sharpen the Saw- Balance Is Best

Additionally, there is a “Parent’s Place” available at  On that site you will find ideas to use at home to reinforce your child’s learning and involve the family in a fun, interactive way.  Some of these resources will also be available for you, here on this tab!