Call For Quotes

6618fa80d350ebe3090faea447d04553Hello Dobson Families, Teachers and Community Members- 

I am writing to you to ask for your help.  Some of you might be aware of the progress we are making as a school community through the Leader In Me.  Ms. Foulk and I attended a conference this past week to learn more about the process and the steps we need to take in order to become a Lighthouse school.

Part of that process involves transforming your children’s learning environment. This transformation will be gradual and take place through the rest of this year, the summer and beyond… but we need your help.


The school environment will serve as a tool to deliver uplifting messages, words and quotes that your children will see each day as they walk the halls of Dobson. We would like to know what you would like your children to be seeing throughout the school.

If you have any favorite quotes about leadership, perseverance, goal setting, etc. please share them with us!

Each of you are an integral part of the Leader In Me process.  Thank you for your input!


Lisa Tierney

Music Teacher, Co-TTL, Google Admin, TLIM Lighthouse Team Facilitator