Ms. Wolfson (6th)

6th Grade Supply List

Dear Parents / Guardians:
I am looking forward to being your child’s 6th grade teacher. The following is the supply list for 6th grade. Please make sure your child has all of these items and is prepared the first day of school.

• Bookbag
• Homework assignment book/ Composition book
• (5) notebooks
• (6) folders ( 3-prong/ plastic)
• sharpened pencils
• pack of blue or black pens (erasable is preferred)
• (2) red pens
• (2) highlighters
• (3) glue sticks
• pencil case
• enclosed pencil sharpener
• box of crayons and/or colored pencils and/or markers
• clear ruler (in. and cm.)
• (3) dry-erase markers (black)
• post –it-notes
• (3) glue sticks
• Girls – disinfecting wipes and paper towels
• Boys – antibacterial hand sanitizer and a box of tissues
• Ream of white copy paper

• Calculator – Texas Instruments – Will be used through 8th grade
Suggestion – TI – 73 Explorer Preferred
TI – 30XIIS Scientific Calculator

•Inexpensive pair or earphones (headphones) that can be left at school
•Flash drive

I am looking forward to working with your child and you in September!! Enjoy your Summer!!!


Melisa Wolfson
6th grade teacher