Ms. Roman (K)


James Dobson School

Kindergarten Supply List 2016-2017

Room 101 Deborah Roman

Please DO NOT label with names:

1 blue folder (2 pockets)

2 black dry erase markers

4 pack of glue sticks

Crayola 8ct Jumbo crayons

1 box of tissues

1 pack of white printer paper

1 pack of construction paper

1 container of Lysol wipes

Old white sock (we use as erasers)

*****Please send in a bag of extra clothing.  We need this in case your child has an accident, spill, etc.  It does not have to be uniform.  Must include: underwear, socks, pants, shirt*****

Make sure you label clothes, lunch bags, and backpacks.  

You may bring the items to Kindergarten Interviews September 7-9, 12-13th.  

Info/Calendar on School District of Philadelphia’s website:

Contact information:

4667 Umbria St. Philadelphia, PA 19127


Enjoy the rest of your days before the World of Kindergarten begins! ☺