Ms. Straface (1st)

First Grade

School Supply List

$7.00 for Scholastic News and Science Spin magazine subscriptions (please send in an envelope labeled with your child’s name)

1 Large zippered pencil case (no plastic boxes, please; they don’t fit in our desks)

6 Sturdy folders with bottom pockets (Writing, Homework, Classwork, Tests, Guided Reading, 100 Book Challenge)(plastic/coated folders last longer)

1 Large Eraser

1 Box of crayons (16 or 24 only, please)


1 Large Glue Stick (these will need to be replaced throughout the year)

Pencils (please send 4 sharpened pencils to school each day) NO MECHANICAL PENCILS- THESE WILL BE SENT BACK HOME

1 Regular Composition Book

1 Primary Composition Book/Journal with picture space at the top     

1 Standard/Metric Ruler (12 inches/30 cm)

Dry Erase markers, with small cloth or old sock to use as an eraser

2 Boxes of Tissues

Small pencil sharpener that collects shavings

Pack of disinfectant wipes

Roll of paper towels

Large pack of Post-It/sticky notes (to be used by students during Reading and Math)

1-2 Packs of copy paper