Mr. Mulvey (7th)

June 20, 2016

Dear Parents / Guardians,

We are looking forward to being your child’s 7th and 8th grade teachers. In order for you to benefit from the “Back to School” sales that will surely start right after 4th of July, we are sending home the supply list that your child will need for their core subjects in September.


 All Students:

  • Bookbag
  • Homework assignment book / planner
  • Girls – disinfecting wipes and paper towels
  • Boys – antibacterial hand sanitizer and a box of tissues
  • ream of white copy paper
  • pencil case
  • headphones / earbuds
  • sharpened pencils
  • pack of blue or black pens
  • box of crayons / colored pencils / markers


For Reading / Social Studies:

  • notebooks (few extra)
  • 2 folders
  • binder
  • scissors
  • sticky notes


For Math / Science:

  • 2 notebooks
  • 2 folders
  • Clear ruler (in. and cm.)
  • Highlighters
  •         Calculator – Texas Instruments – Will be used through 8th grade
ο TI – 73 Explorer
ο TI – 30XIIS Scientific Calculator
ο TI – 34II Scientific Calculator


We are looking forward to working with your child and you in September! Enjoy your Summer!!!


Patrick Mulvey

7th Homeroom

7th and 8th Reading and Social Studies Teacher


Kimberly Fullam

8th Homeroom

7th and 8th Math and Science Teacher