VOLUNTEERS NEEDED for Costume Parade & Fall Dance!! Tues. 10/31/2017

Click here to learn how to get the proper clearances for more than two volunteering appearances.    Contact dobsonhs@gmail.com to sign up as a volunteer!

We all work full time and can really use your help!!  Please volunteer as much as you can, your children will appreciate the effort!

On Tuesday, October 31, help in the office is needed for early dismissals.  We also could use some parental presence in the gym for the Fall Dance.

Contact dobsonhs@gmail.com to sign up as a volunteer!

We’d like to prevent a back log of people waiting in the office to have their requests processed.  Parents are encouraged to contact the office at 215-400-3570 or email Mrs. Cohen at miccohen@philasd.org to request an early dismissal, well – EARLY! 

Please bring a valid ID, and make sure whomever is picking up the student is ON THE EMERGENCY CONTACT LIST!!! If you haven’t submitted your EMERGENCY CONTACT LIST,  please click on any of the EMERGENCY CONTACT LIST hyperlinks to download your form for submission – yes, you may email it to miccohen@philasd.org!!  Please do not be upset if your child is not released to someone without ID or not on the EMERGENCY CONTACT LIST, as these School District and PA State mandated policies are in place to protect your child[ren].