Dobson is BUZZING with success this week!

This week Dobson has been BUZZING with success in all areas… academically, athletically and more.

Tphoto 4his week marked off the kick-off of the PSSA Preparation period with our PSSA Pep Rally.  We had an exciting special guest return to Dobson… the PSSA BUZY BEE!  He flew in with amazing grace and speed as we reviewed testing tips and introduced the PSSA Perfect Attendance Superbuck!! These purple superbucks will be given out each day to the classes that have perfect attendance, all students present and on time.  The class with the most Purple PSSA Perfect Attendance superbucks will have lunch with Dr. Cruice at Gorgas Park in the Spring.

photo 1

In other news, we all screamed a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Dobson’s Boy’s Basketball team and their coach, Ms. Santana!  The boys team won their first game in 8 seasons against Linglebach with a score of 37-28!!  The boys played with 5 players and no substitutions. photo 3

We couldn’t be more proud of their unbelievable teamwork and SYNERGY!

photo 2

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