Community Design Collaborative at Dobson

Hello Manayunk/Roxborough Community Neighbors, Friends, and Professionals,
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I am reaching out to you because you represent a vital part of the Manayunk/Roxborough community. I am a teacher at James Dobson School (School District of Philadelphia) where we have been very busy trying to secure the necessary resources to maintain our vibrant learning opportunities during this troublesome time for public education. To this end, I am elated to announce that our K-8 school has been awarded a service grant from the Community Design Collaborative to develop a master plan for our outdoor area! Our options are plentiful, but we would like to incorporate outdoor classroom space with urban watershed features as a fundamental aspect of this plan.

While the Collaborative will be providing the design experts, we need your help to guide the design! Dobson School is in the process of identifying and selecting volunteers for a community task force interested in revitalizing our outdoor space. This task force will be comprised of neighbors, parents, business owners, civic leaders, teachers and other school/community professionals. Members of the task force will meet with the Collaborative twice to discuss the design; once in October and again the first week of December. We really value your input on the design, as we see this project as something that will not only enhance the current science curriculum, but also as a community beautification effort.

If you are interested in joining the Dobson School community task force, please let me know, no later than Monday, September 15.

It is important to note that this project will be completed in conjunction with Destination Schuylkill River, and there will be two teaching fellows from Dobson attending monthly curriculum development days at Fairmont Water Works to align the science curriculum standards to the design and usage of the enhanced outdoor space.

Best Regards,

Allison McConnell
James Dobson School
Outdoor Master Plan Coordinator